Seafood Processing

With the development of globalization, people will eat more seafood in the coming years. Health concerns and increased purchasing power are driving this trend.

As a food producer, you need to produce delicious, healthy and safe food. Baoxue Refrigeration is ready to provide you with equipment solutions for the entire production line. We provide all equipment from raw materials to packaging to realize efficient, multi-functional and customized seafood processing production lines.

Meat Processing

Meat consumption has been growing steadily as beef, lamb and other meats and flavors increase. More shoppers and diners are choosing economical frozen meat instead of fresh meat. It has low price and good quality.

For meat processing, Baoxue Refrigeration can provide you with all the equipment you need, such as meat grinders and meat injection technology.


Poultry Processing

Chicken, turkey, duck and other poultry are making their way into people's diets in ever-increasing quantities. This may be driven by a health-conscious or protein-centric dietary regimen.

To meet your needs, Baoxue Refrigeration provides poultry production line solutions, including dividers, quick freezers, packaging machines, etc. We supply systems and equipment for every stage of poultry processing.

Fruit & Vegetable Processing Solutions

Baoxue Refrigeration's extensive range of fruit and vegetable processing machinery can handle anything you need to make food. Whether you just need individual equipment or build a fully integrated processing line from scratch, we have you covered.
Every step of the process, from preparation to preservation, from freezing to delivery and packaging, and more.
Packs or processes a wide range of agricultural products - including citrus fruits, tomatoes, mangoes, tropical and temperate fruits, various berries, melons and vegetables.
Our vegetable and fruit processing equipment uses cutting-edge technology to capture the true taste, texture and appearance of fresh and processed products.


Pastry and Baking

Complete systems for proofing, refrigeration, freezing and baking. The production of baked goods requires more than just flour, every production process requires state-of-the-art equipment you can trust. Baoxue Freezer gives you the distinct advantage that you will be at the forefront of meeting the growing demand for the freshest and most attractive bakery products. From frozen doughs and pre-made pie shells, from crumbly croissants to crusty baguettes, to finished pizzas, everything can be engineered for the best line solution for you.

Pet Food

Efficiently produce safe, high-quality wet, dry, fresh, frozen, raw or canned cat and dog food.

Our furry friends are not just pets - they are beloved members of the family. This revolution in pet dining and nutrition is causing major changes in the pet food industry.

Manufacturers looking to keep pace and gain solid market share must be able to adapt to changing tastes. That means you have to do more than just keep grinding canned cat food and a range of dog food. You must create enticing, wholesome options, including:
1. Wet to dry
2. raw to cooked
3. Fresh to Frozen
4. Can to bag
5. Vegetarian to Meat Eater

With our experience in design, manufacture and installation, our pet food processing systems truly deliver. We lead the way in:

1. Bars and diced food
2. Extrusion
3. Steaming
4. Filling, sealing and tray sealing
5. In-container sterilization of cans, bags and trays
6. High pressure treatment
7. Refrigerate and freeze perishable items

Baoxue equipment enables you to produce the safest pet food while helping to maintain optimal freshness, nutrition, flavor and texture. You will help pet parents provide the highest quality care for their cherished animals.


Pre-packaged Food

Baoxue Refrigeration provides the best prepackaged food processing solutions to maximize freshness, nutritional value and taste and meet expanding consumer demands.

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly concerned about food safety and nutrition. Customers are looking for sustainable nutritional content and superior taste in prepackaged foods. With our innovative equipment, you can develop a production line that protects the integrity and taste of the final product while controlling manufacturing costs.

With our prepackaged food line you will:

1. Extended shelf life - Our targeted packaging solutions provide high quality seal integrity and long-term freshness for a wide variety of products.
2. Flexibility - Customizable machine configurations and various packaging options enable you to tailor your system to your specific needs.
3. Cost-effective - High-tech automation and reliable design allow you to develop high-margin products while reducing labor and maintenance costs and increasing processing speed.
4. High-Tech Sterilization - Extremely hygienic equipment design includes in-container sterilization to keep the product food safe from initial processing to final retail.
5. Superior Nutrition and Flavor - Every step of the process is designed to preserve the integrity of each ingredient, allowing you to enhance and maintain nutritional value and overall taste.